What are The Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking can be termed as a water sport or boating sport.

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A kayak is a canoe like vessel in which you have to sit and propel yourself through water. You have to use a double sided paddle like the one used in rafting to propel your kayak through the water. Just like rowing a boat, rowing a kayak also needs immense strength and use of many muscles of the body. Since rowing uses a lot of muscles of the body, a single day of rowing may remind you of some muscles which you may not have felt in your body for a long time. Kayaking benefits a person both physically and emotionally. In this article, we will tell you about some of the major benefits of kayaking.

Different Benefits of Kayaking

1) Strength - It is a fact that rowing or paddling strengthens your muscles. Rowing can even be said to be a form of strength training. Once you are done, you will definitely feel the burn in your hamstrings and quads. Strong muscles mean better endurance, which is a must for every athlete. In fact, a person needs strong muscles for day to day activities too. Moreover, kayaking also saves you from the risk of heart diseases. While rowing surf kayaks, a person’s heart rate increases. This actually strengthens the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk for heart diseases. It will not be wrong to say that strong muscles along with a better functioning heart means that you will live long and stay healthy.

2) Flexible joints – Kayaking also results in an increase in joint flexibility. Regular kayaking means that your joints will be more flexible which will help you with daily activities. While rowing, your whole upper body is under stress. Due to rapid movements, your body can experience a series of motion exercises which should be a part of your fitness regime. Flexible joints means less stiffness and pain. It also decreases the risk of arthritis in later stages of your life. Experts believe kayaking also reduces any sort of inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation may even lead to cancer.

3) Weight management - Rowing a kayak is real hard work. Moreover, it is a solitary sport and you do not get any sort of help from anyone. During kayaking, you are paddling and burning your calories as you try to reach your destination on your own. As it goes with calories, if you burn more than you consume, you will end up losing weight with regular kayaking. This will keep you healthy and fit. Moreover, you will not have to go to a gym to do so, which may be very tiring. Losing weight while participating in a sport is a much better option.

4) Emotional prosperity – Rowing surf kayaks can be extremely beneficial from an emotional point of view. It can relieve you of any unwanted stress. A healthy body is a way to keep your mind healthy and fresh. Exercises are stress busters which relieve you of tensions. Moreover, kayaking includes beaches, lakes etc. which can be quite relaxing. Kayaking can sometimes be used for rehabilitation purposes because of the physical workout and relaxation. Kayaking has physical as well as psychological implications.

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