United States Women’s Gymnastics Team Wins The Gold Medal – Olympics 2012 London

The United States women’s gymnastics team did it by winning a gold medal today, Tuesday, winning Russia. The USA’s women’s gymnastics team had the gold medal winning with 183.596 points beating Russia who had 178.530 points.

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     It was a Olympic record for the United States this time as the women’s gymnastic team got the gold medal for the first time since they got in 1996 and it was an overall second gold medal for the women’s gymnastic team of the United States of America, this year at London Games 2012.

     The Americans in the audience were cheering with joy and enthusiam during the performance and when it was for the final rotation, the final pass made US women’s gymnastic team win, making the American audience cheer and jump with joy in tears.

     It was indeed a great day for Jordyn Wieber, who had failed for the all-round finals in the weekend and today, tuesday, she did her best getting the team victorious with the gold medal. Wieber’s weekend disappointment was indeed redeemend in an awesome way.

      The United States team of women gymnastics had five women namely Wieber, Raisman, McKayla Maroney, gabby Douglas and Kyla Ross, getting victorious over the Russians and getting the gold medal with victory.

      The whole team was marvellous throughout the performance. Each girls from the team did their very best posting points with their performance and as a whole accounted for the overall points 183 with final point by Wieber which made them win the women’s gymnastic gold medal in the London Games 2012.

   The other countries that were contending like Russia. China and others were out slowly due to their bad performances, with finally the United States of America taking the gold medal for women’s gymnastic team, Russia taking the silver and bronze taken by Romania.

       The audience did all the cheering with flags in their hand through out the game and ended with the United States women’s gymnastic team becoming victorious winning the gold medal, dancing with the American audience.

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    I commend them as well. Nice share! :)

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    a job well done

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    Well written piece, thank you.

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    yeah thanks.. there were awesome

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    yewah they did a marvellous job

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    @martin kloess
    thanks and u r welcome

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