Tuesday 17 August 2012

Another daily instalment in a life.

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Another good day, sun shining with occasional showers. Well thats the Olympics finished, 17 days of excitement,tears ,joy and happiness.How long will this state of euphoria last? the paralympics start soon, hope these brave and athletic people get thr recognotion they deserve. I have often wondered why the Olympics and Paralympics can not run concurrently.the athletes in the paralympics have sacrificed more than able body athletes and yet they are still considered to be not as important as able bodied athletes.is it because they are not as photogenic as able bodied people, I would hope that this is not in the establishment thinking. Television coverage is certainly less for the Paralympics as was for the Olympics. The BBC boasted of about 20 channels devoted to the Olympics, wonder how much time is devoted to the Paralympics? Time will tell and let us know.

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