Triathlon Strength Training for The Females

This is a little help for the women that are weary about strength training.

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Perhaps your primary reason for training is to lose some of your body fat. First off, that is a very good reason, secondly that is a good start to get on board with triathlon strength training. There is quite a bit of cardio from running, swimming, and cycling; cardio is not enough to provide the significant enough weight loss though. Even if weight loss is not exactly what you seek, including a triathlon strength training program will give you tons of energy as well as stamina while you get ready for your swim, bike, and run. With the mix of strength training and cardio, there is no doubt you will lose weight, should that be your goal.

There is a belief that females will bulk up if they lift iron. This is a popular stress amongst females that are curious about triathlon strength training. It’s simple to think “Well it’s seemingly impossible enough to drop a few pounds, why would I want to spend time bulking up. Triathlons are bicycling, swimming, and running. How are bicep curls and push-ups going to help me train for a triathlon?”

The fact is many females relate lifting iron to those glistening, roided’ out bodybuilders. Or worse, that icky, excessively sweating dude at the gym who wears the cut off shirt and sprays his gallon container of water all over his face, dripping nasty sweat water on the floor after grunting loudly through a tedious lift. With thoughts like that wandering around in the ladies heads it is logical that they don’t want to hop on the strength training band wagon when training for their triathlon.

It’s very uncommon to see females doing strength training routines, because there is a chance to add some unwanted bulk if you don’t perform the right work-outs. The trick is to find a program with limited weight lifts and high power reps, which will result in lean and well-toned muscles instead of adding bulk. So discover one that is unified with your body.

These are some of the positive aspects of combining strength training into your cardio workouts:

Cut Down The Unwanted Fat: Your body will still strip away calories 1-2 days after your workout. This doesn’t happen with a strictly cardio-only workout.

Shouldn’t It Hurt? Not hardly! You will observe that at times it just doesn’t feel like you had a grueling enough workout during triathlon strength training days, even though you certainly did. Your heart was pumping carefully to supply your muscles and the rest of your body with the blood you need during strength training workouts.

Muscles: You will basically feel more effective, then add in the added advantages of having more energy and strength to bike, swim, and run.

Prioritize Your Body: Muscle takes up considerably less space than fat so the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn while resting. This means that your metabolism will get better and quicker with the more muscle you put on! For every pound of lean muscle you have, you will burn 35 to 50 calories per day. If that is not an awesome advantage, than I don’t know what is!

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