Top 10 Ugliest Football Players

The 10 ugliest football players of our planet.

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10. Campos. 

We can see that this guy has a problem with his appearance. I don’t really know if he thanks God that he’s become a professional footballer or he hates God because of making him so ugly and lazy-looking. He reminds me Homer from The Simpons… seriously.

9. Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

This man, to be honest, isn’t really ugly, but he has a high-score as he looks like a nerd. If someone could find me another player ulgier I’ll thank him because I really think that Ruud doesn’t deserve this. But Chelito does…

8. Chelito Delgado.

Another sick man. With the cash you’ve made, at least take off that middle eyebrow. Well, now he’s a bit better, thank god. He plays in Lyon. 

8. Reiziger.

Poor fellow. “It” looks like a “something” edited by Photo-shop. But “it” was luckily a brilliant football player, he played in Barcelona and good teams, so he wasn’t really criticised. Speaking of Barcelona… do you think Ronaldinho deserves to be here?

6. Ribery.

Another one. This is slightly different from the other ones, as this one doesn’t make you vomit – he’s simply hideous. But inside me, I’m sorry for this guy, he is ugly because I think he had an accident… I hope the cash you earn balances everything.

5. Tevez.

This is getting harder and harder to describe. He makes my eyes itchy. I’m also sorry for him, as he also had an accident when he was young.

4. Khan.

Here comes Hulk! Can’t really say anything else, no adjectives exist to describe him. The good thing comes when you know that he’s naturally hideous. 

3. Earnshaw.

Oh my God… is he really a Homo sapiens? Maybe he’s a new human-like race that we haven’t discovered. Look at him again and tell me what you really think…

2. Kasac.

Is it a woman? Is it a hair drier? Is it a bunny? No, it’s Atila Kasac. Oh, no! Keyboard doesn’t work when vomit is all over it… I think he wasn’t a very good football player either. Atila, I honestly think you worked hard and you have earned it: second position.

1. Filimov.

This guy, if we can name him “guy”, makes all other but Kasac look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. Congrats. You won. You should be proud of yourself. Chuck Norris had to be very angry to create someone like you.

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  1. joey
    Posted May 9, 2010 at 8:47 pm

    dirk kuyt has to be up there instead of ruud vanestelrooy… pllllllz

  2. Kyzza
    Posted November 2, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    How the hell is Van Nistelrooy in the top 10 he shouldnt even be top 100 i just dont get it how was the top 10 decided.

  3. cont hyll
    Posted November 6, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    craig noone. good player, shame about the face.,,10433~9943685,00.jpg

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