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Today was a nice day that made me think about all the things I could do.

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Today was a day for people to sit on porch and watch cars go by on the road in front of their house.  Today was a day for parents to sit in parks and watch their children play with their friends.  Today was a day for friends to go bike around town to see what everyone is doing.

Today was the type of day for people to get outside just to outside in the fresh air and say this is what the sun actually looks like.  People sit behind computer desk for hours on hours at their workplace and when they get away from the desk, they need to be outside stretching muscles that hadn’t been stretched in a long time.   To move the back in a different way than what it is used to moving at work.

Today was the type of day for people to go walking and see people they hadn’t seen since the winter months closed everyone in.  Get out and see friends, families, and loved ones that you hadn’t seen in months.  Get out there and walk the six or so many blocks to the grocery store instead of taking the car.

Today is the day to say no way Hosea to being a couch potato and gaining weight that your poor old body just can’t take anymore.  Get off that couch and closed the potato chip bag to go outside with the children.  Play catch with the son that you have been promising for months that once the weather gets better.  Today is the day to play catch with the son or even jump rope with the little girl.  You can jump the rope actually or even just stand there twirling the rope for her.

Today is the day to enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

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