The Young Runner with a Name of Usain Bolt!

One can’t help but imagine that Usain Bolt’s family had a preconceived notion that one day he would come to be recognized as the fastest male runner in the world. They must have also had a preconceived notion that one day he would participate in Olympics, 2012 in London. Well, it is all said in the magic of his name- Usain BOLT- Are you saying fast as a lighting bolt?

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   As I prepared to watch the men’s track in the Olympics, it was just amazing to see how Jamaica was represented so well in the men and women track. Not only were they well represented, but they were some of the fastest runners to ever participate in track in the Olympics. They were so good that they were breaking their own records and others as well!


 Now take this for what it is worth, but when I saw the women’s track meet and there were several women from Jamaica there also. To my amazement, there was an interview with one of the female runners and the sportscaster asked her what made her so fast. She responded by saying it is the Jamaica sweet potatoes that they eat. Now those of us who do not live in Jamaica and/or have never tasted Jamaica grown sweet potatoes, we can not answer the question as it relates to the sweet potatoes.

 But a few minutes later there was a news story showing an elderly man down on the ground in Jamaica, harvesting his Jamaica-grown sweet potatoes. He shared with the interviewer that these sweet potatoes indeed did make them run faster. Then it proceeded to show the very young children running in the open fields for miles. So along with the Jamaica-grown sweet potatoes, it is obvious that early and many running experiences will cause us to see many more Olympic runners all along the way- leading to Olympic after Olympic!

    It was just a wonderment and joy to observe this young man before, during and after his races. If there ever was a truth that we try to instill in our children for many years to come, it is confidence or self-confidence. For some, he was unbelievable when he spoke with such confidence that he was going to win, and that he was the fastest man in the world.

    Now with our faith, beliefs and christian or religious backgrounds, there are some who grow to have signs and symbols that represent the being, beings and those who have helped to instill hope and pride within them. Usain Bolt had several actions that seemed consistent before, during and after his running. Rubbing his head, pointing in a certain direction and a unique twisting and dancing movement as none other during the Olympics. He would do a full course dance after his victory- especially winning several Gold Medals.

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