The Siberian Husky Dog

The Siberian Husky dog and it’s special canine attributes.

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Siberian husky dogs are fiber, strong and working. Husky reaches a height of about 55 cm, weighs about 25 kg and his life expectancy would be about 14 years, often seems like Husky dogs Shanihn not the same color. The double coat of the Siberian husky allows him to live at low temperatures, even below 0 and the hairs between the fingers allow him to go on the ice. Due to this fact should hold the Siberian husky in cold, damp and warm places feel unwanted Siberian husky.

Siberian husky is a perfect family dog, is dog loving, faithful, gentle and happy that blend in love with little boys. Siberian husky young people are energetic and doers in particular. Hhaskym are dogs who love people and thus will tend to go easy for anyone, hence they do not have outstanding guard dogs …

Siberian husky easily be tamed, is intelligent dog, but the need for instructions from owner to show him clear instructions given by the leader. In order to achieve results Siberian husky training is important for daily practice.

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Siberian husky in his soul and his mind is a dog of long distances and therefore in the Siberian husky is a tendency for boredom. It is recommended not to leave the Siberian husky hours alone too much because of boredom with the tendency to enjoy chewing will demolish the house. Husky must be placed face existing challenges also play smart. When we leave the home alone Siberian husky has to give him a smart game and collect it during the day we are with him. When the games are all day scholars scattered in the husky will lose their interest, as well as more desirable to hold a game in a smart one to add interest and give husky every time one of them.

The husky is a dog “human” and is like a great company at home and abroad. Siberian husky is very suitable for long walks and join the runs.On warm days you can give up a run with a Siberian husky and a common exit is important also to take appropriate waters. At an early age is important for joint walks on a leash, even at the beach until the Siberian husky and knowledge to recognize its owner to return them.

Medically, a Siberian husky more prone to eye problems like cataracts and skin problems often different, mainly due to the heat. Husky adult joint problems too inclined and therefore it is important for older dogs over food from the age of seven. Adult dog food contains greater amounts of glucosamine and Condritim that help keep your joints.

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