Table Tennis in Olympic Games

Table Tennis In Olympic Games.

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It will shock most of you that suggestions for Desk Golf to be a part of the Olympic Activity titles started as beginning as 1931, when the long and turning street started. According to the moments of the Yearly Common Conference (AGM) at the 1931 Community Tournament in Budapest on 15 Feb, Passage 11b:

“a discussion on the Olympic Activity titles was obtained from Dr. Mezo and it was determined to discover the opportunities defined.” Unfortunately the ITTF Records do not have a content of this discussion.

The next discuss of the Olympic games is in the 1932 English Terminology Assistant (Montagu) Review, paragraph 7:

“Circular sent to all nations, as per A.G.M instructions, asking for information on Olympic Activity titles scenario. One response obtained. Asia has published to Los Angeles suggesting for Activity titles this year. English Olympic Authorities suggests, if any action at all is preferred, recommended as second (no principal) game, Germany 1936.”

Then in the 1932 AGM moments, paragraph 8, just one sentence: “Steps are to be taken to protected the positioning of Desk Golf activities at the same time with the activities at the Olympic Activity titles Germany 1936.”

The moments of the AGM organised at the 1937 Community Tournament in

Baden, Luxembourg, review a quality and election on the Olympic issue:

“It was determined to advise the Advisory Committee to get hold of the Basic Commission payment for the approaching Olympiad at Tokio with a perspective to the addition of Desk Golf in that Olympiad. All countries in benefit except Britain who were against.”

At the 1938 Community Championships: “It was advised that the Assistants had been directed to take actions towards the addition of Desk Golf in the Olympic Activity titles. They were directed to create instantly to the Asia TTA on the topic.”

The ITTF was less active during the war years, but there was a considerable place declaration on the Olympic problem made by ITTF Chief executive Ivor Montagu at the 1946 London, uk Conference, organised by Montagu to get back the ITTF after the war. When immediately requested for his place, Montagu replied:

“I am compared to the addition of Desk Golf in the Olympic Activity titles. … First of all, I think the Olympic Activity titles should be limited to Sporting and similar activities, where sportsmen vie with each other, not increase to activities of Baseball or Garden Golf type.

“Second, I think activities that do not have their own world name challenges need the Olympic Activity titles. We, and in the same way Garden Golf with the Davis Cup, do not need the Olympic games. For us they are a replication. Garden Golf decreased out of the Olympic games after, I think, 1924. Third, it is not certain that if we used we would be effective. If we were rejected it would be a rebuff and a embarrassment to the sport.” 

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