Stripped Naked by My Sister – Embarrassing Story Part One

Part 1. Embarrassing story about me being stripped by my sister and two of her friends.

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Stripped by my Sister while Sleeping!!! – Embarrassing Story Part 1

So my name is Zach, I’m 15, a twin and me and my sister are very close. We share a room, we go to the same school, and we hang out a lot. Last week on Friday morning my sister Katie told me when I woke up that our parents we’re going to some meeting in New York for until Monday afternoon, so we had the house to ourselves. After school, we rode the bus home and then Katie left to go hangout with some friend.  I played some MW3 for a couple hours, got some music for my iPod, texted my dad asking for the iPhone 5, got rejected, and layed down in bed and watched Nightmare on Elm Street. I woke up my dark room and I heard the garage open. Also I could hear my sisters voice plus two of her friends in the kitchen. I was kinda annoyed that she brought friends over, cause if I wanted friends over when they were gone Katie would tell on me. But I’m too nice I guess! Anyway I just kept laying in the dark listening to their stupid conversations. Didn’t care enough to remember what they were about lol but anyway they eventually walked in and I shut my eyes real fast and pretended to be sleeping.

When they walked in someone flipped the lights on, Katie: “Zachh, you in here? Shit! Marissa turn the light back off he sleeping.” Marissa: “Oh sorry.” Lights went off. “How is he still sleeping?” She whispered quietly laughing. Katie: “He’s a freaking extreme heavy sleeper. Grinds his teeth and stuff too. Suck to stay in the same room with him. But he might be faking so watch what you say.” Marissa: “Haha we should mess with him.” Katie: “No that’s mean. Plus he might get me back, cause you guys aren’t actually allowed to spend the night.” Marissa: “Well he never says hi to me at school so I think we should.” Katie: “Guys, he might be awake.” Girl 2: “Well go touch him.” Katie: “No way. Marissa you do it.” Marissa: “Um, okay.” 

I hear her walk closer and she starts to rub my back a little bit. My head is facing the wall. Katie: “I’m not apart of this.” I hear the door close and Marissa starts to poke me. It was getting really awkward. I was still trying to find a good time to “wake up”, but the longer I waited the more weird it would be because who pretends to be asleep? 

Marissa: “He’s asleep. Defiantly.” She laughed. Girl 2: “Hey let’s draw pictures on him.” A few seconds later, I feel them marking on my right hand and leg. Marissa: “I ran out of space.” She said laughing. Other girl: “I did too. Hey lets draw a giant peace symbol on his back!” “He has a shirt on??” “Well Kay said that he’s a heavy sleeper. Here let me try something.” I feel her start to carefully maneuver my hands, I guess to a position that would make it easier to strip off my shirt. Honestly all this touching was getting me excited and I didn’t really feel like “waking up” anymore. Then she slowly took off my t-shirt and they giggled and start drawing all over my back. I could feel the markers going up and down my back it tickled a little bit but I kept quiet. I one point one of them went below my shorts as she was drawing and they started giggling. Then I felt both of them to start to draw under my shorts. Pretty much all over the top of my butt. They stopped for a few seconds and then I felt my gym shorts be slowly pulled down…

Read Part 2: Coming Soon

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    when is part 2 going to be up?

  2. qwertpoint
    Posted March 6, 2013 at 5:53 am

    i need part two

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