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“ Squared Circle Blog” The Nuclear option

While I was watching Monday night Raw and Tyson and DX ‘s stroll down memory lane , I had a inspiration. If the numbers on raw start to get bad enough , or if Vince just gets to ultimate prick mode I have the perfect option for going nuclear on Hogan .Are you ready Vince , Book Linda Hogan/ Bolea as the guest GM on Monday night .

Now before I get popo’d on this whole thing let me point out the somewhat obvious . Ask yourself one thing , is Linda any less qualified to do for one night what Vicki G has been doing off and on for the past couple of years. Don’t get me wrong, Vicki fell into one of best heel roles in the company and she has done a great job .But let’s face a couple of facts , she has little to no mic skills and the only reason she is any good is she is just so damm annoying . I’m sure that Linda and her boy toy could be just as annoying and if nothing else, she needs the money and it will twist Hogan’s Jock in a double square knot.

Along the same lines , Karen Angle hasn’t been seen in awhile as far as the wrestling business goes. I have to wonder if they aren’t going to rehash the whole story of Karen and Kurt and Jess Jarrett to see if it can pull any numbers . I have the feeling that they are getting ready to shove angle out the back door as soon as the program with AJ is done. And you know if he gets in any kind of trouble , he’ll be gone quicker then you can say double J. The thing is Jarrett isn’t gong anywhere because of his stake in the company if he hasn’t already sold it to Hogan . So it wouldn’t kill them to find away to send Kurt off into the sunset with this story as a capper to a great career .

There is also something that has been nagging at me a bit and I would like to vent a little . A few weeks ago , the evil empire did a Raw from Baltimore and a Poll in the Sun had a poll about who was the most popular celebrity in the city . The over whelming winner was former WWE Diva and fantasy of all male wrestling fans Stacy Kiebler . And the WWE in their Infinite wisdom didn’t even bother to contact her about hosting the show in her own home town . Now this goes to the main problem of how the WWE see’s Women. They all are either see them as Barbie dolls that are marginal ring performers and who’s weight they can monitor like a hawk, or they don’t see them at all. If you were to ever see a wrestler like awesome Kong in a WWE ring start looking for snow balls in Hell. Stacy would have been an awesome host. And you could have used to push the women a little .

Well this is all I have for the moment . The RSS Link will be at the bottom again along with a link to two blogs of mine . Be sure to check them all out and let me know what you think.




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