Squared Circle Blog: Lebron’s Heel Turn, More Nxt, and My Wcw Picks for Hall of Fame”

More on NXT, Lebrons Big Move and Next Years hall of fame canidates.

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“Squared Circle Blog: Lebron’s Heel Turn, More NXT, and My WCW Picks for Hall of Fame”

Well as if my home state of Ohio didn’t have enough problems, now King James has moved on to Sunnier pastures. In a move that rivals the Hulkster’s Heel turn to the Now, James saying no to more money in Cleveland is heading for warmer weather and a much better chance at wining in Miami. The worst part of it is the hour of prime time cable they took up to make this announcement more then likely killed the night as far as TNA Numbers go. Oh well, Basketball sticks it to Wrestling yet again.

On the NXT front, expecting more of the same this week but a new twist has been added. The Nexus will be pulling double duty this week on Raw and also on their old show NXT. I’m guessing the later is to help prop up the numbers on NXT which haven’t been so great. Can’t really fault them for that but if they start throwing Rockisms from the Nameless GM this week I’m done with this whole storyline.

Last week, they kept throwing out little Stone Cold throw away lines last week and if you look at the reaction over the Net, the marks are almost dry humping their computer’s buying into the whole thing. Wake up people, when has this company made it that easy to figure out an angle, Never…..

Austin is way to busy to have to deal with this nonsense. And while I don’t see the Rock coming back either , he does have a movie or two coming out soon and it would totally be out of the realm of possibility to do something short term . But it’s going to much more then the rocks Face showing up to sell this thing all of the way to the end. That’s why I think the best bet is still HBK… You could sell it as revenge for the way they treated Bryan Danielson throughout the whole thing and then use it to maybe develop a show of some sort for HBK. HBK’s persona on TV is missed greatly and the need to find a way to at the very least get his face on TV every once and awhile.

I was watching the Smack Down opening last Friday and when McIntyre promised Teddy long that he would personally nominate Teddy for the Hall of fame. This got me thinking and I wanted to come up with my own list for WCW Persons to get into the WWE’s Hall of Fame. Teddy should be high on the list of people going in if not for anything else then for the fact that he ha slated as long as he did. Ron Simmons is another one that should be free and clear for the Hall of Fame. One who should go but might not is the Task master Kevin Sullivan. The fact that he is talking to TNA about a job on their creative team coupled with the fact that he is not all that far removed from the whole Benoit thing. The Steiner Brothers along with Harlem Heat should go in to prove that there were good tag teams at one time Last but not least one of the Crocket brothers should go in.

Victory Road is now in the Can. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in this one for more then one reason. The Main event was a good match with a crappy ending. Angle and the Pope worked really well together, and thank god they finally gave the tag belts to the Guns. No big surprises (Paul Heyman) and the extremely old dudes were there again. Please Paul, people don’t get second chances that often.

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