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Less then two days away from the silver anniversary of Wrestle Mania and Fridays Smack Down has been chopped up version of what was taped . Its turning into a big commercial for Sunday and while I don’t have a huge problem with that, I cant help but wonder if this doesn’t have something to do with Taz taking a powder earlier this week. This one I guess just caught me off guard a little. It certainly means that the Raw after WM25 is going to be real interesting as far as the announcers go. The one that may be sitting in the catbird seat is Matt Stryker on ECW. Since settle into the announcers table in the land of extreme , Stryker has done a job worthy of being the Heir Apparent to good old JR when he decides to finally hang up his headphones.

Gail Kim and Maria took on the Barbie Doll Bitches in a fairly good fight. Its clear that Gail Kim is the one to push either one of the peroxide pair and lets face facts in the ring she ’s better then the both of them together. There is going to be a major shuffling of all of the women after WM25 on Raw the 6th .

Its being leaked out through the net that the first match Sunday night will be JBL vs. Rey Mysterio . The big hook on this one is they have been pushing the fact he is going to do something historic as far as Wrestle Mania goes. I still have no idea what that means but with JBL’s retirement coming sooner rather then later, this has to be something . What I have No Idea.

Upon hearing that legend Carlos Colon had landed in Houston , it brought me to the tag team situation. I have fast become a big fan of the Colon Brothers and I hope that the plan is not split them up when they lose their belts . Primo or Eddie, isn’t ready for singles wrestling and Carlito had one foot out the door before his brother got there so its critical that some tag team interest exist . I cant help but go back to the fact that this whole company partially was built on tag teams . Wild Samoans , British Bulldogs , Canadian Mounties, Killer Bees, the list is long and rich with talent. If they hadn’t taken a chance on a team called the Rockers, they might never have one of their best Wrestle Mania performers ever.

And last, look I have always wondered about the whole Face vs. Heels l concept when it comes to booking matches . The biggest Hall of Fame inductee is the classic example of why maybe going straight Heel vs. Baby face maynot always be the best way to go. Austin came into the WWE as the “Ring master” a gimmick that didn’t work and would have relegated to the mid card. Well it was king of the ring one year and 3:16 was born when Austin uttered the words “Austin 3:16 means I just whipped your Ass” and a legend was born. And despite the many times they tried to turn him Heel, it never worked . He was that over with the crowd. The Anti Hero, who defies authority , shows no fear , and who openly challenged his boss any time and any whereis a powerful character rhat really doesn’t fit in any one box. Cena fits that mold almost as good. While he is over with the majority of fans, you can still a good portion of Boo’s on an given night. He is the face of the company but doesn’t mind helping out the up and commers get over. He isn’t Austin but he’s the next best thing.

Sunday night I’ll be out at BW3’s with the usual cast of clowns. If the weather holds and the patio is open it should be cool. I hope the show is worth my time.

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