Second Gold Medal for Croatia in London: Giovanni Cernogoraz is Olympic Champion!

Croatian shooter Giovanni Cernogoraz won a gold medal at the Games in London. Anton Glasnovic has completed the final, at the 6th place.

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Giovanni Cernogoraz has won a gold medal at the Olympics in shooting! In the finals, in men’s Trap he fought for the gold medal against Massimo Fabbrizi, and after shooting for gold medal Cernogoraz became Olympic champion in the sixth round, and that was secound gold for Croatia in London.

Giovanni Cernogoraz in the second part of qualifying, along with Anton Glasnovic, in two series missed only three targets, which was enough to get both of them placed in the finals with a score of 122 hits, while the Diamond from Australia set a new world record with 125 hits. They were 2 points behind Aldeehani from Kuwait, and in front of them, with one point advantage, were Fabbrizi from  Italia, and Serrano from Spain.

In the finals with three misses, Glasnovic finished sixth, but Cernogoraz was maximally concentrated and he missed only once, and because of that he started shooting for the gold medal with Fabbrizi from Italia.

Both shooters were accurate in the first five series, but in the sixth  Fabbrizi missed and Cernogoraz was successful. That is greatest success in his career and he won his Olympic gold medal – the second in the Olympic Games in London to Croatia.

It is interesting that the new Croatian Olympic medalist for the Games in London, was preparing in Padua at his own expense. Cernogoraz was born in Koper, and is currently is a member of shooting club Gord from Velika Gorica, although he live in Novigrad.

The bronze went to Fehaid Aldeehani, who was better at shooting for bronze medal than a double Olympic champion Michael Diamond from Australia.

When he realized that he had secured the silver, before shooting for gold medal, Giovanni was crying. And after he won the gold, he crashed to the ground from happiness. Brothers Josip and Anton Glasnovic, his great friends, lifted him up and congratulated. After that, we have heard our anthem Lijepa Nasa.

Giovanni, who works in his father’s seafood restaurant, he proved that is waiter with golden arms.

- If I win Olympic medal, the restaurant will arrange a big party. I will certainly invite some friends from Croatian Olympic village – said before the competition.

It is now clear that Novigrad expects big party. Is there some secret?

- Finals are shooting at one shot, where I am in fact quite good. A lot of shooters then have bigger psychological pressure where I am in better position – said Giovanni.

Olympics, shooting, Trap:

1. Cernogoraz – Croatia

2. Fabbrizi – Italia

3. Aldeehani – Kuwait


6. Glasnovic – Croatia

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