Professional Women Bowlers Continue on Their Roll

After losing their tour back in 2003, the professional women bowlers are back for a third straight year. Here is a look at this year’s tour events, and an exclusive interview with women’s pro bowler, Diandra Asbaty.

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After losing their full time tour in 2003, the women pros have been on a mission to reestablish themselves in the world of pro bowling. So far, it is working. Starting this Sunday, on ESPN, they will make their return to television for a third straight year, with the USBC sponsored Women’s U.S. Open. However, they are not done. Their ultimate goal is to get their full time tour back.

Diandra Asbaty: Top Women’s Pro Bowler

Every bit as competitive, entertaining and exciting as the men, any women bowler can wow you at any given moment in any given event. Fans love to watch the lady pros because most of them can relate to their style and technique. Besides that, they are fierce competitors who are downright fun to watch. They go out week after week not only to win but to prove they belong back on the tour full time. Although they are on their way, there is still work to be done, as they try to get the attention of not only more bowling fans, but mainstream sports fans.

This Season

Slowly but surely the women have built momentum through a new women’s series of events that has increased three years running. In 2007- 2008, they had four PBA (Professional Bowlers Association), events, plus two USBC (United States Bowling Congress) sponsored tournaments: the U.S. Open and the Queens. Last season, the number of events increased to eight PBA sponsored events and the two mentioned USBC tournaments.

This year, they once again kicked off their season with the U.S. Open, which was held in Las Vegas in early August. From there, they embarked on the new month long World Series of bowling, which included five of their tournaments. All of these were held in Detroit, MI, from early August through the first weekend in September.

After a few months off, there will be two more PBA sponsored Women’s events in January. Then the season will come to a close with one more PBA event and the USBC Queens, both in April.

Like last season, this gives them a total of ten tournaments that include national television exposure on ESPN. Even though the number of events has not increased this year, there have been some significant changes to help bolster the competition and give more women a chance to bowl. Last season, sixteen women took part in the series events. This year there will be twenty. Eight qualified last year with tournament wins, twelve qualified by finishing in the top twelve of this year’s U.S. Open and two more will be added in a qualifying round before each event.

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