Prince Charles Caught Naked – Not Just Kate Middleton and Prince Harry and The Whole Royal Family

There has been a lot of fuss about duchess Kate Middleton photographed top less or her brother-in-law Prince Harry caught naked, but this nude scandal has been in the whole British royal family, as Prince Charles too was caught naked.

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        There has been lot of fuss when Prince Harry getting caught nude in a hotel in Vegas and then check this link 10 Million Dollars Offered to Prince Harry to Star in a Porn Film after that event. Then, it was the duchess who was photographed topless in France and then people wondered that the British royal family was in a shame with nude photos coming out. But these naked photos of the royal family coming out is nothing new as lots of members of the British royal family has been caught naked, including Prince Charles.

        Yes, the father of Prince Harry and William, Prince Charles also has been caught naked, all nude with his madhood displayed if one is not aware of it. This happens years back in the year 1994, when a German tobloid printed photos of Prince Charles completely naked in 1994. Prince Charles was in a holiday near the French commune of Avignon, that he was photographed naked while he was standing on the balcony all nude in 1994.

       The photographs was taken by a French photographer where Prince Charles is standing naked in the balcony with a white down kept in his shoulders folded. Not only that, Prince Charles was caught again. Tablod French Dimanche published pictures of Prince Harry the same year, where he was caught in the camera undressing his clothes. These pictures were taken in series when Prince Charles was undressing himself and five pictures of the series had Prince Charles completely naked, where he had one of his hand in his stomach while his genitals completely displayed. 

        Therefore, its also the father-in-law who was caught naked 18 years ago, nude and naked Prince Charles all over the camera and published picture of Charles in the magazine. And now we have this year, Prince Harry nude in the magazine and then duchess Kate Middleton topless. 

        That is not it. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York and aunt-in-law of Kate Middleton was also caught in camera topless sunbathing in France in the year 1992 like herself. Princess Diana, the late wife of Prince Charles and mother-in-law of Kate Middleton, had her pictures in a French tabloid in the 1980’s where she was pictures naked sunbathing. Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa Middleton’s topless photographs was viral in the internet last year and also photos of her in a bra dancing closely with men was spread out in the internet. Her aunt-in-law, the Duchess of Wessex, Sophie, had her breast pictures printed in The Sun.

      Therefore, it is not just Kate Middleton and Prince Harry who was caught this year naked, as the whole British family has been a target to have naked photos been out in the papers and magazines in the history and one can only say now is, ‘Who’s next?’

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  1. Posted September 17, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    Royals all over the UK news here.

  2. Posted September 17, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Great article but I do wish they would leave then alone
    Best Wishes

  3. Posted September 17, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    @ Emancipation

    is it???
    the news have flooded the internet too

  4. Posted September 17, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    @ stevetheblogger

    yeah its true that the media is creating such an.issue

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