Pacquiao and Freddie — Father and Son in Boxing

The Pacquiao phenomenon is always associated with his all-time-great trainer, Freddie Roach. It is obvious, that through the years there is a symbiotic relationship between the fighter of the decade, Manny Pacquiao and trainer of the year recipient multiple years in a row, Freddie Roach.

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Pacquiao become from quality boxer who can box to all time-great-fighter who can knock-out cold his opponent with his either left or right fist, while Freddie Roach surge to become good trainer to rich trainer. As long as Manny would continue fighting in the ring, the bond with the two greats will not be broken.


Even if Pacquiao quite boxing he would indebted with Roach’ astute knowledge of boxing that crafted his raw skills in boxing into a human machine, that leave other people to think he is in performance enhancing drugs (PED). Roach on the other hand admits that he become known as a great trainer because he has a good boxer who can execute his master game plan.


The rapport between Roach and Manny can be viewed in many perspectives. Freddie Roach is not only a trainer to Pacquiao but filled the void as Pacquiao second father, as it is known to many that Pacquiao’s mother was separated by his strange father since he is as young kid. This left Manny to wander around for survival and to support his mother in raising her family, which lead him to his boxing career.


Roach suited to be father figure for Pacquiao due to his unmarred status and treated Manny as part of family, not only in boxing but also in every affair of his life.


Freddie admits that when Pacquiao is not in training, he is rarely in contact with him — but when they do, their conversation is intense and meaningful.


Freddie Roach is a complement of Manny Pacquiao and vice versa — the father and son in boxing. When Pacquiao seems to ignore his critics, Freddie attacks them with his verbal outspoken assault.


Why the bondings of these two great individuals seem unbreakable? The simple answer is due to great respect to each other.


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    nice observation.

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    They’re really meant to be. hehehe

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