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Friends very first hi to all of you and secondly I would wish for a huge success of India in London Olympic 2012. And I am praying to god for this. In fact not only I but the whole nation is praying. On every moment everyone is keeping his eye on the performance of Indian Olympic contestants.

                Media And sports lover and even a common citizen of India who is not having very much interest and even not having enough time to watch a game also prays to god for the Indian success and feel proud on a successful performance. Because this is the time when the sport is not just a matter of game but it’s a matter of esteem, reputation and patriotism.

                Well recently Gagan Naarang took a bronze meddle and opened the account of India in London Olympic 2012. And it’s really an admirable incident. We all are feeling proud of Gagan Naarang. Indian prime minister and officials have congratulated him. He has been awarded an IAS Rank, and one crore rupees also.  I am also happy and felling proud but at the same time I am little bit afraid and disappointed as I came to know that India is having only twenty meddles during his complete journey of participating in Olympic Games since last 112 years.

                Few days ago I was watching a news report and it was based on the poor condition of Olympic players of India. And when I went through that program I realized that why our players and playing level is so poor. Why the nation is only having 20 meddles.

                I wish as the government and Indian officials are appreciating Gagan Naarang and giving him awards and rewards, government would start thinking about their training about their facilities, and would take some forward steps so that we can not only have a ray of hope to get meddles but we would be confident that we will get the meddles.

Finally again  with the best wishes for Indian Olympic participants I would stop here.

Thanks and bye… :-)

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