No One Can Beat The Pacman Yet

Mayweather? He is history, except his consistent trash allegation of doped blood, but very recently Pacquiao has been cleared of that.

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Almost two weeks have passed and still I can’t get it off my system—my disappointment over that shameful boxing match between Pacquiao and Mosley.  A few days before the fight, I had my opinion published in the Philippine Star (May 6, 2011 issue), which reads as follows:  “. . . .  He (Mosley) has a record of 39 knockouts compared to Pacman’s 38.  Not only that, Mosley knocked out Antonio Margarito, while Pacquiao could not and could only win by unanimous decision.  This guy’s dangerous, intelligent, and he really means business.”

            A week after the fight, another opinion came out in the same newspaper (May 14 issue) expressing my disgust:  “It was an easy fight.  My excitement began to crumble, as early as the first round, when Mosley started to run, seemingly ashamed or afraid to exchange blows with Pacquiao.  Mexican fighters like Morales or Marquez are more exciting than African-American boxers like Mosley and Mayweather, whose only consistent defense is running.  Pwe!  Walang kuwentang laban.” 

            Who is next?  The same old faces like Antonio Margarito, Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, or David Diaz?  They all went to hospital after mixing it up with Manny Pacquiao; he virtually gave them retirement plans.  Mayweather?  He is history, except his consistent trash allegation of doped blood, but very recently Pacquiao has been cleared of that. 

            Pacman has an arranged fight against Juan Manuel Marquez in November, probably Pacman’s strongest opponent by far, but Marquez has already lost to Mayweather.  He will fight Pacman if only to complete a trilogy—and for the $5 million purse, the biggest in his career.

            Some boxing analysts suggest a new face, Timothy Bradley, the unbeaten 27-year-old Californian.  I haven’t seen this face fight, so I would rather pick Erik Morales— at least he defeated Pacquiao once—or the one who beat him in a recent unconvincing light welterweight fight.  But I don’t remember his name or face either.

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