Lose Belly Fat By Walking

Walking is the best way to lose belly fat, and fat all over your body.

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You probably thought you had to spend hours doing abdominal crunches and sit ups to get rid of stubborn belly fat.  The fact is, that will NOT work! You may have more toned muscles UNDERNEATH the fat, but the only way to lose the fat is to increase your aerobic activity – so you CAN lose belly fat by walking!

Walking is the number one, absolutely best, way to accomplish this goal!

You will burn calories, which translates into fat loss, and walking is easier on your joints than running. You will need to walk at a brisk pace. Aim for 30 minutes initially, and then build to an hour.  Pick a spot where your walk will be enjoyable (and safe) and enjoy the time outdoors.  Pair up with a friend to make the walk go even faster.  Walking alone? Listen to inspiring music or even an audio book to pass the time.

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Don’t let inclement weather stop you, especially if you live where the temperatures drop to freezing! Walk at a mall, purchase a treadmill for home, or invest in an affordable gym membership.


Did you realize that you are using your stomach muscles while you walk? You are, and you can intensify that effect by purposely holding your stomach muscles tight while you walk. Hold for as long as possible and then relax for a minute and then hold again. Repeat for the duration of your walk to help tone your belly too.

Approximately mid point in your walk, stop and do some abdominal exercises to break up your routine and work your stomach muscles more. Standing abdominal muscle exercises are varied and you can find many that are easy to do. Plan on about 10 minutes and then resume your walk.

If you are working out on a treadmill at home, you might switch to your twist board and do twist board exercises that target the abdomen and then resume walking on the treadmill.


Eat a sensible diet, boost your protein, reduce carbs and unhealthy fat and get started with this new walking routine.  Don’t expect instant results. This a lifestyle change. Stick with it and over time you will see your stomach go down, down, down! Better yet, you will feel better all over. Ditch the fad diets that haven’t worked and lose belly fat by walking and get fit and trim all over.

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    Walking is a great all-around aerobic exercise that involves the entire body. It’s perfect for losing stomach fat.

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