Life After The Olympics


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I don’t know about you but watching the Olympics was fun and it has been hard to see it end. 

I got to see the Opening Ceremonies and it was magical to watch all of the countries who participated from all over the world flying their nations flags and their athletes and coaches representing their proud countries. The fireworks were wonderful and the showcasing of all the events and opening and closing ceremonies was cool. 

I really enjoyed watching Princess Kate and Prince William wide-eyed and grinning during the ceremonies and cheering on Britain. I loved watching Prince Harry and the other Royal take photos with their Apple Iphones and have a jolly good time participating in the Olympics.

I really enjoyed watching the men’s and women’s swimming and diving, and the women’s gymnastics the best! I am heartbroken that Michael Phelps is done swimming! However, I am amazed that he has accomplished phenomenal records!

He has achieved fantastic times, medals and broken numerous records in this Olympics in London 2012- As well as in his entire Olympic Career. Watching recaps of his Olympic Medals he has won has been inspiring!

He has 22 medals in all, including 18 Gold medals from his whole career. He received six medals during the London 2012 Olympics. He has four Gold Medals and two Silver Medals from this year’s Olympics. He has announced his retirement after this Olympics- but many hope to see him come back in 2016.

I am a past competitive swimmer. I swam competitively in High School and I love to watch the events. I’ve swam a 200 IM and a 50 Freestyle. I’ve even swam a 500 Freestyle, which I almost fainted at the end of-mind you. Watching Michael Phelps out touch his fellow teammate was spectacular! Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian in Olympic History.

Watching Olympian Gabby Douglas was simply majestic! She has such talent and poise and she has trained so hard to achieve her dreams! She lived with a host family for two years to train for the London Olympics and she won the Gold Medal! An amazing feat for a 16 year old from any background!

My favorite quote from Gabby is:” Being an Olympic Champion is all I thought it would be, I give all the glory to God. It’s kind of a win-win situation. The Glory goes up to him and the blessings fall down on me.”I have never heard of a more mature and grateful 16 year old who is so thankful for her blessings and accomplishments! I commend you Gabby for your courage and hard work!

So, what do we do since the Olympics are over? You can watch most of the Olympics on BBC-

 Or NBC-

Almost every event is found on the Olympics YouTube channel by the International Olympic Committee-

You can get ready for the school year and take up retail therapy with your kids. You can take up acting lessons or painting. Whatever you do- give it your best! Do what you love, and fulfill your dreams!

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