Keep Your Hamster Healthy and Happy

Hamsters are fascinating little pets. They do not require a lot of care. You must keep their cage clean and you must provide them with a proper diet. It is best to keep one hamster in cage so there will not be fights.

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You must feed your hamster a proper diet and make sure his water is fresh at all times.  Keep his home clean.  Do these things and it will go along way in preventing illness and injury.  Make sure your hamster’s home does not have drafts, excessive heat or dampness.  Make sure he can get exercise and has many hiding places.

Even with proper care, proper diet home injuries and illness can still happen.  If something does happen contact your veterinarian.  Weight loss and loss of appetite are signs your hamster is sick.

Your hamster can break bones very easily and if he does put him in a cage without a wheel.  Do not handle him and feed him a good diet with a calcium supplement.  The break should heal in a couple of weeks.

If you have more than one hamster they will eventually get into a fight.  If the skin gets broken clean the area with peroxide.  If the bite gets infected you will need to contact your veterinarian.  Sometimes a wound heals over before the infection inside is gone and an abscess will form.

Hamster’s teeth grow all the time and they should wear evenly.  Sometimes they do not and uneven teeth will cause the hamster to have trouble eating.  The teeth will have to be cut or filed so they are even again.

Hamster can get eye infection and sometimes they will develop cataracts.

Hamsters sometime get respiratory infection and when this happens they will show labored breathing, discharge from their nose and eyes.  They can have appetite loss and weight loss.

They can get gastrointestinal infections and when this happens they will have a stained tail, diarrhea, and will not eat or drink.  They will be cranky and their hair will be rough.  Consult your veterinarian immediately.

If a hamster’s home is damp and dirty he can get a fugal infection.  Hamsters can also suffer from heatstroke and if this happens call your veterinarian.

Proper diet is probably the most important thing in keeping your hamster healthy and happy.  Buy the best commercial hamster food you can get and supplement it with pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Throw in an occasional mealworm or cricket if you want.  A varied diet is important to a hamster.  Pellets work very well and there is also a food of mixed seeds and grains you can feed.  Some of these foods contain dried fruits, nuts and seeds.  These foods provide a variety for the hamster to enjoy.  Timothy hay, alfalfa or a mixture of both is a great addition to your hamsters diet.

Hamsters like treats but do not give them more than twice a week as treats are not that good for a hamster.  You can make your hamster by scrambling or had boiling eggs.  You can also give him dog biscuits, sugar free cereal, whole wheat bread and uncooked pasta.

Feed your hamster dietary vitamin supplements to make sure he gets everything he needs.

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