John Gilmour 10,000metre Track Race. Cannington, Wa Australia.running

John Gilmour 10,000metre Track Race, Cannington,WA Australia.Running.

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Image by State Library of New South Wales collection via Flickr

Date- 28 October 1984. Start Time : 7.00am , Course: 25 laps of the track at Cannington. Difficulty: 2, Distance: 10,000metres. Race Director: John Maddison.

Venue Cannington Athletic track,Coker Park, Wharf Street,Cannington, WA ,Australia. Brief Description: This is the club’s only track race,and perhaps the only opportunity that you’ll get in the Marathon club to run an ‘Official’ 10000 metre time. (Road times are not considered from the point of view of records and most people find it easier to run faster times on the road than they do on the track.) Like the One Hour run this race will be held as two separate events and you must bring a lap scorer. ( The lap scorer for this event must be able to count to twenty five and must be capable of making sufficient noise for the timer to notice that you are finishing your twenty fifth lap. If your scorer doesn’t make enough noise then you’ll miss out on your time, which will be a shame.) This year the event will be held on the New Cannington athletic track at the request of the Race’s patron, John Gilmour. There promises to be lots of action, with John attempting a world age record for 65 year olds and Alan Thurlow  attempting to better the state residential record. There will be three races this year. The first event will be restricted to persons whose expected times are roughly 45 minutes or greater and will start promptly at 7.00am.  Immediately after ,the second race will be held. This will be for those people whose personal bests are between 35 minutes and about 45 minutes. The last race will be restricted to those people with a personal best (on either road or track ) of 35 minutes or less.

Drinks Stations: For a track race?. Facilities: Change rooms,showers and toilets. 1983 Field: 49 members(combined total for 2 events).

Race Records: Male: R.Munro 31.02min. (1974), Female: 38.51min. (1981).

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04 August 2010

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