How to Throw Shot Put

There are a few different types of throws from the basic throw to the spin.

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The first thing everyone needs to know is how to hold the shot put. You want to have as many fingers behind the shot put as you can. I prefer to have my 3 inner fingers behind the shot so i can use the thumb and pinkie for stabilization. You want to rest the shot put where your fingers connect with your hand. Such as this

The basic type of throw is also known as the snap or power throw. You start with your front foot straight forward from your body about a half a foot to a foot from the toe board at the front of the ring. The back foot you want a little more then shoulder width away from the front foot. The back foot you want to be at about a 45 degree angel. You want to have most of the weight on your back foot as you bend your back leg. When you start to turn your body and push up with your leg you want to keep the front leg semi straight and you want to thrust your hips and puff out your chest as you swing your arm around to get that extra momentum. This picture shows you how you should be crouched down.

Another type of shot put throw is the glide. You start in the back of the shot put ring facing the opposite way your throwing. You crouch down like the women in the picture above having only 1 foot on the ground. the other foot you kick back as hard as you can. When you land you should end up in the same position as the basic throw. Threw all of these motions you want to stay low so you can explode upwards at the end.

Another type of throw is more of a practice throw called the half spin. Its more complex then the glide but its less complex then the full kick. You want to start with your back foot half way across the circle and your front foot near the back of the circle. Then you want to swing your body around so your in the basic throw position again and then finish your throw.

The most complex throw is one of the most popular throws. With the spin you start shoulder width apart in the back of the ring facing out of the back. You want to stay low throw the whole process. The first move is a 3/4 turn so your in the half spin position then a half turn to get into the basic position. then throw your arm and use your entire body to get the furthest distance. the technique show in this picture is how to get to the half spin position.

One of the main things to remember with shot put is to not throw over hand. You want to push or put it threw your face. The best way to make sure that your pushing it in stead of throwing is to keep the palm of your hand facing out at all times. This helps to prevent injuries.

I hope this has helped all you beginner shot putters out there.

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