Golden Olympic Moments – Gymnastics – Pommel Horse

Golden Olympic routines of extraordinary pommel horse workers in men’s artistic gymnastics.

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Zoltán Magyar (Hungary) – 1976 Montreal & 1980 Moscow

Zoltán Magyar comfortably won the pommel horse gold medal in two successive Olympic Games with innovative routines that featured his eponymous skills: the Magyar spindle (turning the body in the opposite direction from the circling legs) and the Magyar travel (crosswise circling travel down the horse).

Dmitry Bilozerchev (USSR), Zsolt Borkai (Hungary) & Lubomir Geraskov (Bulgaria) – 1988 Seoul

Dmitry Bilozerchev, Zsolt Borkai & Lubomir Geraskov all earned perfect 10.0 scores to win the Olympic pommel horse title. 

Vitaly Scherbo (EUN/Belarus) & Pae Gil-Su (North Korea) – 1992 Barcelona

All-around champion Vitaly Scherbo captured his fourth gold medal with an Olympic title on pommel horse; he would eventually win a total of 6 out of possible 8 awarded gold medals in one of the most dominant performances in history.  Tying Scherbo for the title was Pae Gil-Su, who executed a seamless but difficult routine with exemplary form and technique.

Donghua Li (Switzerland) – 1996 Atlanta

Chinese-born gymnast Donghua Li finally won the 1995 World, 1996 European and 1996 Olympic titles on pommel horse after 5 years of waiting to acquire citizenship since his emigration to Switzerland.

Marius Urzică (Romania) – 2000 Sydney

Regarded as one of the greatest masters on pommel horse along with Miroslav Cerar and Zoltán Magyar, Marius Urzică performed a flawless routine jam-packed with difficulty to triumph over strong contenders that included Eric Poujade (France), Alexei Nemov (Russia) and Pae Gil-Su.

Teng Haibin (China) – 2004 Athens

Despite costing his team to finish out of the medals due to multiple falls on every apparatus, Teng Haibin redeemed himself by capturing the gold medal with a narrow victory over the defending champion.

Xiao Qin (China) – 2008 Beijing

Xiao Qin is a high bar and parallel bar specialists but is best known for his work on pommel horse for which he was won 3 world championships before winning the much coveted Olympic title.

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