Funny Name on The Kitten Version of Indonesia

Discusses the unique name of the cute and kittens, by looking at the date of birth, physical shape and color of cat fur.

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Kittens are funny animals, often making jokes with their behavior when they start eating and drinking to go. With the cuteness of the kittens we often help relieve boredom and all our burdens. Because humor is a treat kittens own entertainment in our lives.

In Indonesia the country kittens often also have many roles in the dogs in pet. In addition to having kittens funny behavior. Caregiver kitten also likes to give funny names too. Especially in Indonesia. Many kittens are named with a funny name.

Here are tips to give a name for the version Indonesia funny kitten.

viewed from the origin of his birth:

Sello (version I, e, o) is for kittens Niang was born on Tuesday (full name-Sello Barcelona-)

ciming (version I, e, o) is Niang birth day of the week (full-ciming maminG-) =

ugel is one kitten Niang (full name-ugel Tagore-)

Miu = is a more accurate is for woman, fat, 3 colors (this is her long-Miu ugel name Linlin-)

viewed from acting :

Slow = for a kitten than he looks slow

Tablo = if his face looks stupid imply

Viewed from colours

·         belang  = if that kittens get more than two colour

·         loreng = only if get two different colour

·         cemong =  just for if the kitten get belang but only in they face

·         black = if the colours just black, so give black

seen from the physicals :

·         pitak

·         cantel =  if tail from the kittens circular

·         buntel = if tail from the kittens spiral

·         caplang

·         pesek = if it has a blunt nose

Those are some tips that are often used to give the kitten a name in Indonesia. I hope this article is the title of a funny name can give your kitten a little reverensi in giving your kitten a name, lest we become the name of the kitten side effects in the lives of our kittens.

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