Frost on Trees

There is something so magical about trees covered in frost.

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There is something so magical about seeing trees covered in frost.

As the wind blows, bits of frost fall from the trees looking as though fairy dust is being sprinkled around – it glimmers and sparkles on its way to the ground. For a moment you are transported from this world into a snow globe that has been recently shaken. Then the moment passes and you are back to reality, the fairy dust settled.

I love this part of winter. Nature is putting on her white nightgown, getting ready for bed.  She has taken down her long white hair and shakes it out.

The birds, what few there are still here, sing a mornful song. Not like the joyous twitter of spring with baby birds calling out to their parents, from the branches of these same tress, for food. The bees that will be working diligently to collect pollen and necture are all tucked away in their hives, snuggled close together for warmth. The deer, who during the spring and summer are happily playing in the high country, venture down to find what tender branches they can to snack on through the winter and beg from the farmers hay to keep them full.

For now we will get to enjoy the slower pace of life as though the cold is slowing us as well as the sap in the trees.  The slumber is a short one. In a few months the frost will be gone, little leaf buds will start popping out on the branches. In but a couple weeks the trees  go from slumbering white to bursting with life and energy. The birds come back to build nest and raise their young, the bees are dancing about the branches and the deer wander off to their favorite summer haunts. 

Winter with her frost covered trees, a time for slumber and dreaming of the spring to come.

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  1. Posted December 19, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    You have beautiful imagery in your writing! The photos are fantastic as well.

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