Fremantle Half Marathon, Biction,wa Australia. Road Running

Fremantle Half Marathon, Biction WA Australia. Road Running.

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Date: 2 December 1984, Start Time: 6.30am, Course: Double out and back course, from Point Walter to the Stirling Bridge and from Point Walter to a turn along Burke Drive. Difficulty: 5. Distance: 21097 metres. The Race Director: Trevor Tyres. Venue: Point Walter Reserve, Biction, WA Australia.

Brief Description: This is the club’s other half marathon and the course is certainly easier than the darlington half marathon. Nevertheless it would be wrong to describe the course as easy for there are some quite sizeable hills in the first two thirds of the race as you run along Point Walter and Preston Point road. The chances of a hot day must also be regarded as high. The final out and back section of the race , (along Burke Drive ) can be particulary taxing as you are running into the early morning sun and the glare off the road is intense. Although there is no record of any WAMC member having collapsed from the heat at any WAMC race, I would caution the club’s newer members with comparative little training and racing experience to think carefuly about tackling a half marathon in the heat, especially if you have only tackled races of ten kilometres or so previously. The club’s more experienced members know whatto expect and deserve what they get.

Drink Stations: Every five kilometres. Facilities: Toilets at the finish, along Riverside Road. Hazards: There is always a danger from dehydration and heat stroke whenrunning long distances in hot weather. New club members with little training and racing experience should tackle this race with caution, especially if the day is hot.

1983 Field: 142 members. Special Requirements/ Conditions: Training: Should be attempted with caution unless you have raced over 15 or 16 kilometres (or further) previously.

Race Records: Male: Ros Thorren 1:09:26 (1982) Female: Jackie Baxendine 1:28:04 (1982).

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