Four Ways to Make Table Tennis on TV Awesome

Four Ways to Make Table Tennis on TV Awesome.

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4 ways to make table tennis on tv awesome

Ok, so, in this item i’m going to backtrack a little bit to some news declare a few months ago by the ittf. I can’t find a good link to the item so i just copy it below:

“an pact has been made with fox sports in australia to aired world title table tennis contest, the world of table tennis and the oceania cup. 

The deal is a landmark pact for oceania table tennis, it is a long term pack deal for international contest in the region and will now mean that from 2010 to 2012 fox sports will aired the men’s world cup, women’s world cup, world team cup, pro tour grand finals each year and also aired the monthly arsenal plan world of table tennis. “

This is great news for table tennis in australia, but i have some hint to make that will make table tennis on tv better to watch, particularly for the casual spectator, who will no doubt make up a large part of the viewers. 

*use super slow-motion a lot:* it’s used heaps in tennis and cricket, not really to force any rules or something, just for fascinating shots. This should be done for table tennis more often, particularly for proving the aid and any shots that have high sum of spin. Use it wisely to show the spectator the 9000rpms that can occasionally be on the ball during a rally. How could anyone not get excited by that? 

*use a multi-coloured ball:* this goes hand in hand with point 1. Commonly these are only made by low fine manufacturers for use in novice rivalry, but they’d be really good in uniting with the slow motion before mentioned. Actor might complain that this makes it easier for their rival to read their spin, but actor at the elite level are commonly pretty good at learning spin anyhow, and joe resident will be less likely to change the canal because he can’t believe that actor at international level couldn’t get such an ‘easy’ serve back over the net. 

*build natures:* use the spare time amid sets to show a few help of a pre-recorded interview with one of the actor. This may be hard if the aired is live, but rarely it is. This would be particularly striking if the interspectator was a rove mcmanus style nature. Maybe don’t even talk about table tennis. It would be fascinating to spectators if a actor talked about how much they hate the collingwood afl team, or why they think mario kart is the best video game ever, or any. Then the spectator can form an outlook and decide to barrack for or versus a actor, rather than just watch a game where they don’t really care about the outcome. 

*more tip for longer union:* i read this hint in a remark by ’sydney birchall’ on the *www. Pingskills. Com* blog. I think this is a good idea. The hint was that union enduring 1-3 hits scores 1 point, 3-6 hits scores 2 tip, 7 hits or more scores 3 tip. This system might need some purifying before it could be execute, but it definitely would build drama for the tv viewers. Think a game being locked at 8-8 in the ruling set, then having a long and emotional rally to decide the game! oops, i just tumble my popcorn

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