Flag Football Rules

Everything you need to know to play Flag football.

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Okay, Starting out, you’ll need at least 5 players on each team.

You’ll need one Center, 2 Wide Receivers, a QuarterBack, and a Running Back.

You’ll also need some sort of strapped flags around you, you need one on the right side, the left side, and behind you.

10 People in total, for two teams. You’ll also need a semi-large field to play in. It can be a small field, such as 8 Downs (50 Yds.), or a full-size field, 16 Downs, 100 Yds. Flag Football is a bit different, which is why a first down is not every 10 Yds, but every 25 Yds. In Flag Football, you will also (90% of the time, some leagues do.) never punt the ball, or need to make field goals.

Positions (Offensive):

Offensive Center: The Center will hike the ball to the Quarterback who will be behind him. The Center will then protect the Quaterback, or guard the Running Back. The Center is very flexible in duty, and can intercept, catch, run, or guard the ball.

Wide Receiver (WR): There will be 2 Wide Receivers, one on the left, and one on the right. For basic gameplay, keep them that way. For more complex gameplay, the Wide Receivers can act as guards, or can tighten around the Center to protect the Runningback.

Running Back (RB): The Running Back is also very flexible, and can move anywhere behind the Line of Scrimmage. (The invisible Line drawn directly in front of the Center, and where the other team would start.) The Running Back can catch the ball, intercept the ball, guard the ball, but they are usually best at rushing with the ball. The Running Back should be an agile individual, one who can cut through enemy lines.

Quarter Back (QB): The Quarter Back receives the ball once he yells “Hike” or “Hut”, the Center will hike the ball to him. The Quarter Back can either grab the ball from between the Center’s Legs, or stand back approximately 1-2 Yds and the Center will do a small toss to the Quarter Back. This toss is known as “Shotgun”. The Quarter Back must throw the ball to one of his teammates, in Flag Football, anyone can hold the ball.


Positions (Defensive):

Corner Back (CB): There will be 2 Corner Backs, and they should be the Wide Receivers for the offensive. (The same 2 people who play the Wide Receivers in offense.) The CB’s are responsible for making sure the Wide Receivers lose the ball the moment they get it; or better yet, don’t get it at all. The CB’s will line up behind the Line of Scrimmage, in front of the Wide Receivers. (Meaning to the sides.)

Center: You may think the same person who plays Offensive Center plays this Center, but you would be wrong. This Center is preferably a smaller person, one who can swiftly dodge side-to-side. The Defensive Center should stand in the middle of the field, on the Line of Scrimmage.

Deep-Ins: There are two Deep-Ins. One is 1 Yd. to the left, and then 3 Yds. below the Defensive Center. The other is 1 Yd. to the right, and then 3 Yds. below the Defensive Center. The Deep-ins are responsible for making sure the Corner Backs do not lose anyone who tries to get through them. The Deep-ins can also assist the Defensive Center if the opposite team decides to rush the ball toward the middle. In Addition, the Deep-ins can make their own style of play.

For instance:

If the opposite team decides to use the majority of their players on the left, the Right-Most Deep-In would tell the other Deep-In (By signaling or saying it verbally.) that he is going to rush the Quarter Back to try and get him before the QB can do anything.

That’s the main part of Flag Football, besides this, everything is the same in regular football.

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    Thank you. I play Flag Football in a League, and before I started playing I tried to find detailed information on Flag Football to prepare myself, and I didn’t really find anything. So, I figured I’d write one for people trying the same thing. :P

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