Fantasy is What Drives Guy’s Minds Today

Now more than ever men are obsessed with fantasy. When they think they are about to get laid they come with this huge fantasy of the girl doing what ever they want them to.

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I am sure that people thought that this section was going to be about sex and the male mind.  It would be if I were qualified. Only thing that I have going for me is that I am a guy.  But really today men will sit around their computer for hours.  Not watching Hulu or playing an online game, but studying what their favorite fantasy football player is going to do this week.

I am a huge fan of baseball, I live in the city that is crazy about baseball, our football team is getting better, and our hockey team is good, but when it comes to fantasy sports I am addicted.  Just like most guys today everyone plays fantasy sports.  Ask any guy I bet 80 percent will say so.  But do these fantasies make us not as supportive of our own teams.

To be honest when I had surgery two years ago one of the first things that I asked for was my laptop.  I had to update my lineup for fantasy baseball.  I would always have the TV on to ESPN and I would always stay tuned to it till I knew everything going on that day.  That summer I could have told you any stat from any player and what they would do and who they would play.  I was downright addicted.  And when the times came when someone would have to play my beloved Cards, I would sometimes root against the Cardinals for a short time or if the person I was playing that week had Albert Pujols I would hope that he would strike out. 

Fantasy sports have recently turned avid fans into wishy-washy people.  I love the Rams but every year I get disappointed and I would always invest in their defense or Josh Brown or Steven Jackson but I would soon hate my team after every Sunday cause they failed me by either losing (most of the time) or on rare occasions winning.  If I were to choose between winning my fantasy league which is not even for money or going on a date with a really good looking girl I would choose the championship that I could brag to all my friends.

But being an avid fan these days is more band-wagonning than actually sticking to a team.  I may be wrong about this but I see more people who will root against the Cubs while wearing a jersey that are playing fantasy than actually rooting. 

This fantasy that is controlling most men does not involve women.  Why don’t we have a pick a Playboy Draft?  But yet we care more about being able to control million dollar players to the point of insanity.

Now granite there is women who play but way more men.  Using me as an example, I might be the extreme but I every year have: 5-6 football leagues, 9-12 baseball leagues, 1 NCAA March-madness pick player drafts, 1 pick the NFL playoffs, I fill out any where from 25-60 NCAA March-madness brackets, 1-2 NHL leagues, 7-8 NBA leagues, and also a Fantasy golf team.

It can control people’s life and is very addicting.  But nothing is more interesting than our fantasies.

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