Everton vs.. Manchester City – a One Sided Affair

Roberto Mancini got Manchester City off to a dream start. But there are arguments that the clubs they faced weren’t strong enough. How would they fare against a spirited Everton side?

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Everton were up against a Manchester City side which was looking to continue its superb run of results following the arrival of new manager Roberto Mancini. With Tevez in superb form, Everton needed a solid performance to get something out of this fixture.

The match started with both teams willing to strut their stuff in front of a full crowd at Goodison Park. But as it turned out, it was Everton who dominated the match in every sense of the word. From the start, they closed down the ball early and got the ball up the pitch with some accurate diagonal passing. Man City couldn’t reply at all to this aggressive display.

It was a sort of performance from Everton that made people wonder whether they were continuing from where they left off at the Emirates Stadium in last week’s fixture against Arsenal. Man City got few opportunities, but they failed to capitalize. Everton, comparitively, had opportunities by the truckload, but they put away one of them only on the 36th minute. Zabaleta tripped Saha near the edge of the penalty area and Everton got a free kick at the edge of the area.

Pienaar took the kick. It would’ve clipped the wall, but Nigel De Jong peeled away from the wall, allowing some space for Pienaar to exploit. He got the ball between Given and the post, and it squeezed in for goal. Everton were up by a goal, and to no one’s surprise.

Near the end of the 1st half, Man City’s grievances were doubled. Micah Richards’ performance was uncertain through out the match, and he made a meal of a challenge with Saha inside the penalty area by holding on to his shirt for about 5 or 6 seconds. The linesman did not hesitate and did not give in even in the face of Robinho, hands behind his back, shaking his head at the linesman. Penalty.

Saha put it away. Given dived to the right and Saha put it away coolly into the center of the net, to get Everton up by 2 goals to nil.

The second half wasn’t much different. It is, of course, suspected, that Mancini might have given a bit of a shouting with his broken english, but it certainly didn’t have an effect on the match. Fellaini, who was absolutely brilliant in both ends of the field, hit a header from way out, which Given could only get his finger tips to. It was deflected onto the bar, after which it was cleared. Later, Cahill got an chance from a header which hit the bar, following a superb cross from Lleyton Baines.

Overall, Everton seem to be getting better and better as the injured players make a comeback. Personally, I shudder to think of the day when Mikel Arteta will be coming back to the side.

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