Dragon Nest Enhancement Tricks

I will let the following is a way to forge with Rough Rough Agate or the other without the use of jelly.

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Following are the ways to do it:

  • First – all you have to do to enhance or forge any item called Elf or other items that have a requirement under the elf to +3.
  • Then to enhance other items. for example, Clover’s staff is still not in forging be +1.
  • After Clover’s staff has reached +1, then make the Elf item be +4.
  • Then turn on Clover’s staff that is now forging be +2.
  • Now turn again to forge Elf item to +5.
  • Enhance Clover’s staff to +3. after be +3 replace your Clover’s staff +3  with that still +0.
  • Then forging your Clover’s staff had be +1 and then forging your Elf item be +6.
  • Doing way above according to your desire.

Please try for other items, the risk of their own responsibility.

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