Dirty Jkes

More adult jokes.

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I was having a shit in the train toilet when somebody knocked on the toilet door,can i see your ticket please they said, not rigt now i said im having a shit, i dont belive you can you have one slide it under the door, nop problem i said the yellow bits are sweetcorn….

The irish sas were dropped into Libia last week with orders to take gadaffi out, so far he has been to the cinama twice and ten pin bowling 3 times.

My girlfriend came down from the bath, gave me a wink and said, i just shaved my pussey and you know what that means, yes i replied the fucking plug hole is blocked..

Killer on the lose, killing all his victims with a bowling ball, police think it will be only a matter of time before he strikes again.

Weny up to a girl in a nightclub last nightand said, your face looks like my arse,oh the cheek of it she said,which i replied no the actuall ring piece

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