Day Fourteen of 2012 Los Angeles Marathon Training

Looking at my 14th day of training for the 2012 Los Angeles Marathon with Team To End AIDS at Griffith Park. This took place on January 28, 2012 and had us doing a recovery run of 10 miles after running 17 the previous week.

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Today was an easy recovery run of 10 miles. Now I know a lot of people who I tell this to who are not training for a marathon or even a 5K run will end up saying:

“Just 10 miles? You make it sound like that’s easy!”

Well, at this point 10 miles is a piece of cake for us all. After running 17 miles last week, any mileage under that is not worth complaining about. Besides, next Saturday we will have us running 20 miles, and that’s worrisome even to those who’ve run marathons before. I might as well buy 5 seven pound bags of ice for that ice bath I will desperately need! I can already feel my feet getting sore just thinking about it.

It was a cold morning again when I arrived at Griffith Park, but my instinct was to leave my Nike coat which I usually run with in my car. I figured it would warm up before I knew it, and this past week in Los Angeles almost made you forget we are still in the winter season. With temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees, many of us got to break out our shorts and t-shirts. The only other time I did that in January was when I was vacationing with my family in Hawaii. It’s always summer over there all the damn time (unless of course you go to a higher elevation).

However, upon getting out of my Honda Accord, that cold air hit me harder than I thought it would. I figured I would be fine and just went up to my fellow runners in the Twisted Blisters group. But that darn cold got me to shivering a bit, so I went back to my car to get the coat out. But when I got there, I realized that I already put my car keys in that purple bowl where we runners always put them. That way, we never run the risk of our keys falling out of our pockets during our runs. Annoyed at myself for forgetting my car keys, I gave up and decided to run without the coat which I probably would have ditched at the first water stop anyway.

We once again were encouraged to start off slow as we tend to go faster than the pace we’re supposed to be going at. I started off run walking at the beginning which looked kind of silly, but at least I wasn’t going at warp factor 5. Some runners were dealing with injuries or pulled muscles which made their showing up today a testament to their dedication. It also made us keep an eye out for them in case they fell behind. We lost sight of one runner the other week, and she ended up running 20 miles instead of 17 as she didn’t have a map to follow.

Today’s run had us going around the familiar spots of movie studios under construction and the Disney Imagineering studios. Early on, we got a strong reminder of how tar can seriously stink while passing a construction site making extended use of it. We managed to bypass hills that were both visible and deceptive this time, but I imagine there will be more in store for us in the future. We also got to run down Zoo Drive past the Los Angeles Zoo and the Gene Autry Museum. Of course, our route didn’t take us through either. Then again, if it did, then it would have taken us a lot longer to finish our 10 miles as we’d be standing still for too long.

It didn’t take long for the weather to warm up, and it turned into a beautiful sunny day. For me, it was a reminder of how I don’t go outside my apartment enough. Being unemployed, it feels like stepping out of my apartment is just asking to take more money out of my checking and savings account than I can afford. Then again, it probably would be a good idea for me to get some sun instead of taking all these Vitamin D pills to make up for it. They call it the sunshine vitamin for a reason.

What surprised me was how short today’s run felt. Those 10 miles went by fast as if it were a simple walk in the park. The fact that a run like this feels so easy certainly changes the way you look at running in general. A few weeks ago this would have seemed long, but considering that it’s less than half the distance of an actual marathon, it should be understandable that this should feel like a breeze. But explaining that to others will still get us those big eyed looks from people who say that have enough trouble running one mile and how they feel like they’re dying before finishing it.

After we finished our day’s training, the Twisted Blisters got together and had breakfast at the Tallyrand Restaurant in Burbank. It was a good opportunity to hang out and get to know each other better as there’s no way anyone will do that after running 20 miles next week. Tallyrand has what they regard as the best pancakes in Burbank, but I went for the Popeye Breakfast Burrito as I used to eat far too many breakfast burritos back when I had a job. It did have spinach, but no mega muscles erupted from my arms once I consumed it.

During our time there, we discussed how we should all go on a Facebook diet at some point. Granted, I spend way too much time there, and it sucks up a ridiculous amount of my day as a result. There was also talk of how certain Facebook postings (be it political or of other nature) we end up making can actually keep you from getting hired at a job. One fellow pace group member even told us of how human resources offices are looking into our Facebook profiles to see if any status updates end up being work related. This gives me good reason to get back to writing in my diary on a regular basis to vent whatever problems I have. It’s not like the whole world needs to know everything about me anyway.

But the funniest thing that occurred at breakfast came about from our collective observation of how everyone at the restaurant had their iPhones out. Jessica talked of how her mother ordered her and her sibling to turn in their cellphones whenever they entered the house. However, it got to where if she and her siblings were trash talking each other, they would do it through text messaging while at the dinner table. Don’t ask me how they snuck their iPhones over there, but their mother did find out the craziness they were up to.

What topped that was when Tom talked about how he asked his daughter to stop using her iPhone at public places. To this his daughter replied:

“Shut up dad! You’re always looking at your iPhone whenever you get the chance!”

Tom told her that’s not true, but then his daughter showed him several pictures on her iPhone which she took while he wasn’t looking:

“Here dad, this you with your iPhone at the dinner table, that’s you with it at church, here’s you with it at the big game, then there’s you…”

It always burns when you get called on by someone far younger than you, but this is just a reminder of how kids are far better at spotting hypocrisy than us adults.

I was sitting like a fly on the wall through much of this conversation, and it got to where everyone said I had a lot of great material for this article. I guess so!

Next week we have to get to Griffith Park at 6 am instead of 7 as completing 20 miles is going to take far longer than the 2 plus hours it took to complete 10. Once again we will be lubing up our bodies and wearing nipple guards regardless of gender. Pray for us.

FUNDRAISING UPDATE: Thanks to my good friend Ed Mahoney, I have finally reached my fundraising goal and have raised $1,016.20! However, I still welcome any donations you would be open to making so that your tax forms for 2012 will look nicer with those deserved tax deductions.

Click here to make a donation to AIDS Project Los Angeles.

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