Cross Training Program: Its Effects on The Physical Fitness Status of Athletes

Cross Training Program: its Effects on the Physical Fitness Status of Athletes.

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Cross Training Program: its Effects on the Physical  Fitness Status of Athletes


4. Importance of the Study :


          Training is the foundation of performance in sports. Foreign records claim that cross-training has been proven effective in enhancing performance and fitness levels of athletes, boxers, bowlers, and players of basketball, soccer and taekwondo. So far, however, a few have investigated this training approach scientifically. Hence, this research may contribute to Philippine sports literature.

More importantly, the results of the experiment may prove whether or not cross-training is effective in enhancing the physical fitness level of athletes in terms of agility, flexibility, speed, endurance, power and strength. If cross–training is proven effective at least in these cases and setting, then it is hoped that these individuals will benefit from it:


PE Instructors who are teaching outdoor sports may introduce an indoor sport (especially when the weather is not good) to their students without having to feel uncertain if their students are achieving the desired physical fitness. Moreover, their knowledge of cross –training may aid them to beat the boredom experienced by their students .

PE Students  may enjoy and learn physical activities other than the main sport or activity they are enrolled in, thereby making the most out of the PE course.

Coaches and Athletes may be encouraged to consider it is an alternative training method. Also, this study will update all coaches in designing a training program through cross-training.

Future researchers may use this paper as one of their reference on cross training (which do not come in abundance in the first place) should they decide to conduct their own study.

5. Statement of the Problem


                   Everybody, especially the athletes, needs to function efficiently and effectively. For the athlete, the need to be physically fit is required. Cross-training is said to maintain and improve physical fitness. This study sought to determine the effect of cross-training on the physical fitness status of athletes of the University of Luzon. The specific questions to be answered are:

1.      What is the status of the track and field, taekwondo and basketball athletes prior to the cross-training in terms of their:  

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