Closing Cermonies

The closing Ceremonies may not have all that charm as opening ones.In opening ceremonies expectation play the main part to thrill the audience.Closing Ceremonies shows the outcome of these expectations and how they are congratulated for their magnificent performance.

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The grand finale of 2012 London Olympics was as grand as the winning  athletes proved their merit by their  magnificent performance.The Olympic flame is snuffed but the outstanding performance of various athletes will stand out in our memory.Thus summer Olympics of 2012 pulled its curtain down with the expectation to meet again in Rio-De Janerio,Brazil .The event had its high and low emotional dramas.Usain Bolt’s Claim as the greatest Olympic Sprinter after his consecutive win in100 and 200meters was one charged with high emotions,after a brilliant performance. The Kenyan athlete, David Rudisha was another to triumph with his Olympic gold for 800m and that too with a world record.Ashton Eaton by competing in ten events  and winning the decathlon gold which is considered as the toughest event, in Olympics also stand out in this Mega Event.The two and a-half weeks of  extravaganza held once in four year really had superhuman efforts to showcase.The games had been talked largely for its opening-glitz but the closing ceremony ended witnessing superhuman performance of many athletes in track,field and pool.Thus the 30th Olympic game ended with the best of music and the splendor of colors.The Olympic flag changed hands to the next host of the mega sporting event.This sporting event will always inspire youth  from all nation to get interested in  various games  including track and field events. This spectacular  sporting events will definitely  motivate them to  excel in various track and events, when they again meet four years later at Rio-De -Janerio.The spectators were the real source of energy for the athletes to compete and bring the best out of them.The music and sights of this mega sporting event, really stood up to meet the brilliance of the closing ceremony where thousands were applauded for their stunning performance. Along with the firework ,the spectators  also witnessed the golden  moments of the athletes.The sporting highlights of London Olympics showed the personal dramas enacted by Usain Bolt,when he dramatically put his fingers to his lips as if to silence all those have doubted his repeat performance.This turned out to be the most classic moment of theater for the spectators and his fans. Another great event that thrilled the whole U.S was the performance of Gabby Douglas in Gymnastic,  which made her the first African American to win an Olympic title in the women’s individual all round event.Then Michael Phelps,the greatest swimmer could also say farewell to his swimming career,by performing his best to win18 career golds that totaled to his 22wins. That was a stunning Goodbye performance from the Titan of the swimming field.The only sad  touch in this great finale was the unfortunate elimination of South Korean star and  the forceful escorting of her from the arena.That added a slight tinge of sadness,to the otherwise colorful finale.Bye London,Welcome Rio.

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