Australian Cross Country Championships. Running in Australia

The Australian Cross Country Championships.Track Running in Perth W.A. Australia.McGllivray Oval.Cross Country Running.

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A good crowd followed the events from a high vantage point overseeing the scenic course,and in true cross country tradition were drenched serveral times through the day.

Gary Henry (S.A.) powered through the last 2 of the 3 by four Kilometer laps of the muddy ,hilly,grassy,wet and gravelly course to win the Australian title from Gary Briggs (A.C.T.) in a time of 37.40.

Greg Sullivan was the first West Australian over the line closely followed by Martin Asmussen and Dave Eltringham. Jim Langford under-estimated the strength of the competition and couldn’t make up the ten minute handicap he gave by deliberately losing a shoes in the mud. As in this year’s Marothon the wipers on Peter Taylor’s glasses were not working ,causing him to run without them and consequently without eyesight as well.

A dangerous undertaking on this course. John Cresp commented that he “didn’t like cross country much” and ” would keep to the roads in future”. Margaret Pettit was the first W.A. woman home in ninth spot behind the winner Sally Pierson (Vic.).Lykke Asmussen and Rae Martin also finished well up in twelth and thirteenth places respectively. In the mens under 20 section, W.A. faired well with good races put in by Ray Boyd (Fourth), Jussi Vaalsta (Fifth), and Paul Griffiths (Eighth). This heralds well for the future of distance running in this state.

One Hour Run.

7 October 1984. One kilometre grass track. Venue; McGillivray Oval, Graylands. Entry off Brockway Road. This race is one of the club’s few races that are held specifically for people who wish to set a good time for a certain event.Haven’t you ever wondered how far you can run in one hour?. Well this is the race to destroy all of your dreams or perhaps to pleasantly surprise you. The course is pretty boring, most one kilometre (flat) grass tracks are, but there are always plenty of people passing you ,either going faster or slower than yourself.

The most important part of this race is the lap scorers. A lap scorer will sit patiently at the finish and become bored senseless while counting how many times you run around the track in the hour. If you don’t bring a lap scorer then all sorts of atrocities will be performed upon you, before ,during and after the race. Increasing numbers have meant that two events will be held this year, to make more room on the track. Further details will be announced on the day, when the number of competitors is known.

Race records: Male: Fred Langford 19344 metres(1974) Female: Debbie Niedzwiecki 15281 metres (1981).

Race Director: David Mansfield.

George T Saviel

20 July 2010

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