Andre Johnson in Fight?

Andre Johnson, known to be the person with one of the best PR in the NFL, got into a fight with Cortland Finnegan today on November 28, 2010.

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Really? Andre Johnson in a fight? Who would have thought of it? But after looking at replays of this fight, I wouldn’t really blame Johnson for his brawl with Cortland Finnegan. Finnegan had forcefully shoved his hands into the mouth of Andre Johnson at the start of a play. Not taking anymore of Finnegan’s dirty play, he retaliated and took off Finnegan’s helmet following that up with a couple of punches to Finnegan’s head. Andre definitely won this fight and it is the first time I have ever seen him this mad before. But then again, Andre has been putting up with Finnegan’s antics for quite a bit. Finnegan is known by many to be the dirtiest player in the NFL and it isn’t surprising to see him in this situation again. After this fight I expect to see some hefty fines, but I still don’t take anything away Johnson. Finnegan was asking for it.

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