An Exciting Football Match

The football match between No.12Middle School and our school today was really an exciting one i’ve ever seen.

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The football match began at three o’clock in the afternoon.both sides put their hearts into the game at once. A few minuter later our school team took the ball into the corner of No.12Middle School’s goal.The goal-keeper jumped to catch it when another of our school’s players dashed forward and kicked it into the goal.well done! what a goal!shouted the fans.

No.12 Middle School began again from the center of the field and slowly came nearer to our goal.All of a sudden, the center of the field and slowly came nearer to our goal.All of a sudden,the center forward of their team took a pass from his fellow played, ran about 20meters and beat at least three defenders.Then he kicked the ball over the head of the goal-keeper,and the score was 1:1.

During the second half,both sides played beautifully and the fans kept on cheering. Come on! There were only 3 minutes left for the match,but at that time, anything could happen.

One player of No.12 Middle School kicked the ball across the another.It was a beautiful kick.The ball ran so fast that the goal-keeper couldn’t catch it.The player got it,without waiting a second,kicked the ball into the goal!Everybody was surprised by the goal.And the black three minutes broke the dream of our school winning the match.however,the match was really exciting.

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