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Olympic game refers to the international gaming event that includes summer as well as winter sports. Numerous athletes from across the globe take part in the games. Every country sends its athletes to participate in the games. More than 13,000 athletes take part in the summer as well as winter events. There are more than 400 events and 33 sports in winter and summer events. The athletes who come first, second, third are awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. The celebrations begin with many symbols of Olympics like torch and Olympic flag, along with opening and closing ceremony. Olympic winners get worldwide and global recognition.

The Olympic committee consists of many organizing bodies like National Olympic Committee, International Sports Federations and many organizing bodies connected with Olympics. Since the time of its inception, Olympic Games have grown in popularity and scale. In the present time, it has become a very popular international event.

Olympic Games are held all around the world, in different countries each time. This year, Olympic Games are held in London. The selection of London as venue for 2012 Olympics has been done by election. London was selected from amongst 12 countries that had submitted applications for holding Olympics 2012. The 2012 Olympics are being held in London with full fledged participation from all over the world. Athletes are competing with each other in the summer events at London. The competition is proceeding with full force with several countries’ athletes winning various medals of Honor. The anticipation of the games has reached new heights this year with fans hovering to buy tickets for the upcoming events. The tickets are available through numerous channels or the fans can buy the tickets online too.

                At the Royal Opera House, the visitors can take a journey back in time to discover the history behind Olympic Games. A wonderful exhibition has been put up there based on the history of Olympics. This will enlighten the fans on the history Olympics. Many countries have already hoisted the flag of success in many events and many more are still striving to do so in the upcoming events. It is yet to see which country will return home with the highest number of medals. With every country striving fiercely, the competition is getting tougher. It will be a matter of great honor for the country to win the highest number of medals.

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