Why Messi is The Best Player to Ever Live

Is Messi better then Pele or Maradona?

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Lionel Messi, only 24 and is being called the greatest player to ever live. Is that taking it a bit to far? I don’t think so.

Messi is a rare breed of talents where he can change the entire balance of a match with he’s magical left foot. Ever since he made he’s debut in the blue and red stripes of Barcelona, he has entertained people all over the world with he’s skills on the ball. But is he better then Pele? Yes Pele may of scored 1,000 goals, but what you have go to remember is that he played in a very poor league, the Brazilian league. Where as Messi is playing against teams like Real Madrid, Manchester united and many other great teams and still making them look like minor Sunday league teams. 

People say that Messi is not a team player and that he can only run with the ball and not much else. That’s where they’re wrong, Messi’s passing can be just as good as Xavi’s or Iniesta’s, he has the 3rd most accurate passing in Europe, behind Xavi and Iniesta. And Messi doesn’t even have a position, yes it does say he’s a striker but he does not stay on the last man, sometimes he drops into midfield, Messi has no position. He is a free-roaming player he can be anywhere he would like to be. That’s why Barcelona have accomplished so much in such little time because of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta’s partnership in the center of the field. Where as players like Pele and Ronaldo have one position, for Pele it’s up front. For Ronaldo it’s the let wing.

Messi is 5ft 7 and he is a great header of the ball, I have seen him beat many great defenders in the air, including he’s champions league goal against Manchester United in the 2009 Champions league final.

There is nothing he isn’t good at, that is why he is the best to ever live.

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