What is Your Reason Now, Mourinho?/

The special one…The special for blaming someone because of his stupid.

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Mourinho Oh Mourinho

he is too arrogant when say that He is special One…He thinks that when he win several trophy , it means that He is so perfect and his strategy is never wrong…

When his strategy is not effective, he knows that he had referee for reason..

for me, he is not special one..He is controversial coach and did not know the meaning of football and respect the opponent if you are lost..

the latest his comments when his team is lost from Munchen in Allianz arena..

he said that the first goal of Munchen is offside and his team should get draw..

so how come he forgot that he and his team is unlucky when 2 times Bayern did not get pinalty and when marcelo only get yellow card after making brutality tackling to Muller in the injury time?/

Do you ever remember when Mourinho critics barcelona when barcelona get an international confederations club? Mourinho ask about the confederation clubs? he said that it is earlier if Barcelona can be called the best team only from that trophy..OMG..Now barcelona is in semifinal of champions league..

we are waiting and see , what is the comment of Mourinho if he see barcelona can beat chelsea in stamford bridge…

Just show your respect Mourinho and Shut up your mouth and we can give respect too to you…

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