Top Three The Best Player (Arsenal vs. Milan, Second Leg)

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Arsenal won, but they are still failed.But i think we must appreciate their effort, their fighting,.Don’t only see the result..See too the 90 minutes fighting till the end…They had proved that miracle will happens…

You can see too my information after the game

If we are fair, 11 players of Arsenal play superb..they fight and want get 4 goals..from the first minute until the final whistle , they fight, they run, they try to make score and they show the best game..and even the result show that arsenal still be failed, all fans in Emirates still appreciates The Gunners team..

Fans are proud of the 200 percent performances from all player of Arsenal..

here are the top three best player in this game…All the best player come from Arsenal..Why?? in Milan, only Abbiati play good..another player?? they only make the game full with 11 team from Milan..

1. Laurent Koscielny..

One of the best game from this defender..Why I choose him as the number one?? His first goal is the momentum for Arsenal for scoring and scoring..he open the passion for Arsenal player and arsenal fans..Unfortunately, Arsenal still be failed…His coordination with Thomas Vermaelen make Arsenal is safe from Ibra and Robinho pressure..Ibra even become frustrated i think with what Koscielny had done…Good job..i give 8,5 for his performance

2. Thomas Rosicky

He showed that he is still exist..One of his best game too..He proves that all his assist make Milan is in danger..One goal close his best night..But it was not enough for his team….His coordination with RVP, Walcott and Gervinho make Abbiati are scare and angry with his team done..

3. Robin Van Persie

The captain and the inspirator..he play good, but Abbiati saves many of his chance…1 penalty goal still reduce his sadness tonight..He must be one of the best forward….

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