Top 10 Soccer Players of All Time

Top 10.

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Soccer is the worlds most popular sport. It’s very competitive with millions of players playing it worldwide. However, who are the magicians of this game?

Well here are the top 10 players of all time:

10: Franz Beckenbauer, One of the best ever German football/soccer players.

9: Zinedine Zidane, Very talented French football player who was awarded many times for his talents.

8: Roberto Carlos, Brazilian who played left back most of the time. Very famous for his free kicks.

7: Ronaldinho, Brazilian footballer who has amazing skills and touch. Played for Barcelona and now plays for AC Milan. Very talented goalscorer.

6: Ronaldo luiz nazario de lima, very exceptional striker who held many records and achievements playing for top class clubs. He also played for the Brazilian national team.

5: Kaka: Very talented midfield who currently plays for Real Madrid. Has a deep vision and is a very talented playmaker.

4:Diego Maradona: Very talented Argentine Football player who was very talented. He was very short but still got passed the defenders.

3: Pele: Amazing Brazilian player who is now a legend. Pele had many awards and achievements throughout his lifetime.

2:Cristiano Ronaldo: Born in Portugal. Very young talented player who currently plays for Real Madrid. He is currently second in top goal scoring for the season. He is famous for his step overs and has very quick feet.

1: Lionel Messi, Absolutely amazing footballer. Although he is 5 foot 6 he still gets past the defenders. Nothing can stop him. He is currently playing for Barcelona and is the top goal scorer in the league. Lionel Messi makes the impossible happen. He is something out of the extraordinary

Therefore, these are the top 10 footballers of all time

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