Top 10 Handsome Soccer Players in The World

The following is a list of ten most handsome top players in the world.

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We all know that football is not just a pastime for men only!

The following is a list of ten most handsome top players in the world … Enjoy and tell me whether you agree with the selection of players who made it to this list best10 site!

 Alessandro Nesta

This football player was born in Rome, 1976. The career change was only two-club Lazio and Milan.Unfortunately, it seems the upcoming World Cup will go without him because he has the knee surgery. Yet he managed to plan to tenth place this list …

9th Ricardo Kaka

Many girls will not agree with his position in ninth place. Cute Brazilian was born in 1982. in Sao Paulo for everything in life hi only thanks – to God!

8.Fredrik Ljungberg

Mmmmm … This handsome babe whose name is not easy to say was born on 16 April 1977. The captain of the Swedish national team. He says that his is dreaming for woman like Angelina Jolie.

7th Hidetosi Nakata

Born on 22 January 1977th He is known in his country  Japan as Beckham, because hi is really follow all current fashion and trends, and very often  you can see him on the most famous fashion houses. Still looks HOT!

6th Adria Shevchenko

The Ukrainian football player was born on 29 September 1976th They call him the White Ronaldo yet. He played 89 games for the national team and scored 42 goals. When in 1999. moved to Milan and his  transfer was the highest and it was 25 million.euros.

5th Rogue Santa Cruz

The handsome football player was born in 1981, and from his 18 his is playing for the national team of Paraguay.

4th Yoann Gourcuff

This is the youngest player on our list Babe. Born on 11 July 1986th By nationality is French, and currently plays for Bordeaux, and of course the French national team.

3rd Cristiano Ronaldo

What to say about Christiano?? One of most handsome to days players on this list hi is taking the third place. Born on 5 February 1985th and holds the title of most paid players in the world …

2nd Iker Casillas

The Spaniard has a 28th years, and only one on our list is a goalkeeper. Member of the Royal Club and will play for the Spanish national team.

1st David Beckham

Well what to say, the one and only, David Beckham is the first in this list. 

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