“The Hypocrisy of Perez Bernabeu Silent Witness”

MADRID – A variety of talks about the future of Real Madrid living legend – Raúl González, re-surfaced in the Spanish capital. Ex-president of Madrid – Ramon Calderon was unable to speak, at once denounced the mistreatment of Raúl Florentino Pérez.

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Raul Gonzalez Blanco (left) at thetime held a farewell press conference, two years ago (Photo: Reuters)

Pérez is currently still the Suprema Madrid, when recalling how Calderon condemned the mistreatment and hypocritical the comments regarding the release of Raúl, two years ago.

Raúl who was legendary among the Madridista, with just ‘dumped’ Los Blancos when the new management rule Pérez. Forthe sake of his ambition to establish a team to launch a star-studded galaxy, veteran club that has become an icon like Raúl, sacking all the way.

The legend had to be stranded in the Bundesliga with Schalke 04. Who would have thought, Raúl was able to show his strength. Schalke have even hadhigh hopes to maintain it when his contract expires this season. The Royal Blues But the effort foundered, as Raúl has chosen not to grant the contract extension offer.

Calderón who could care for management of Madrid for three years (2006-2009), condemned the mistreatment Pérez discharged to the legend. Thoughat that time tactician Jose Mourinho has also been stated that Raúl Madrid is still needed, though at least another season of rare inherited.

“Raúl is a Spanish legend, temperament is described as being cold. But the Germans needed to demonstrate the warmth and affection, “Calderón said, as quoted by the Guardian, Tuesday (01/05/2012).

“Farewell present purest words of his colleagues. But also interspersed embrace ‘fake’ nan hypocrisy of the president (Florentino Pérez) is for me, like a small knife that stabbed Raúl from behind, “he continued.

“Only a few people who knows Mourinho willing to defend it for another season. Santiago Bernabéu is a silent witness of the presidential representatives who claim to be effective, and Raul abort Mourinho wants to survive, “added

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