Speedway World Team Cup 2011

WTC 2011 – Edward Jancarz Stadium.

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After a good days work I was looking forward to watching the 2011 Speedway World Team Cup play off from the Edward Jancarz Stadium Poland on my Sky+ but what a let down. We were out-gated and out classed, if it hadn’t been for Chris Harris then we’d have scored less points.

Team GB’s scores were as follows: No1 Chris Harris 14, No2 Ben Barker 7, No3 Lewis Bridger 1, No4 Edward Kennett 2 and No5 Tai Woffinden 6.

Ben Barker was thrown in at the deep end and did himself and his Country proud as did Tai Woffinden but the other two should have stayed at home, especially after Lewis Bridger had mouthed off that he should have been included in Event 1, that was held at Kings Lynn on Monday where Team GB faced, Poland, Czech Republic and a 4 man Russian team finishing second behind Poland, a meeting they should have won.

So we now have to wait until 2012 to see if Team GB can make the final and bring home the Ove Fundin Trophy.

The final takes place Saturday 16th July in the fantastic purpose built Edward Jancarz Stadium, named after that Polish legend that plyed his trade in the UK riding for the now defunct Wimbledon Dons

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