Soccer’s Race Case – John Terry’s Witness Dragged Into Twitter War

A whole new argument has broken out on Twitter. Ashley Cole, the Chelsea player who supported John Terry in the race trial, is called a racist name – and Rio Ferdinand joins in.

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Keep up at the back there! Just when you thought the John Terry race saga might be over it has boiled over again in that forum for calm, reasoned debate – Twitter.

That’s sarcasm by the way –  for the benefit of the hate John Terry brigade who didn’t get it when he used it on the pitch.

Ashley Cole appeared as a witness in the trial when Terry was accused of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand. He supported John Terry’s version of events and said in no way was Terry racist.

This has infuriated the anti Terry mob and Cole, who is from an ethnic minority, was accused of being a “choc ice.” This is generally recognised as a racist term, describing someone who is brown on the outside, but thinks they are white on the inside. It is seen as offensive, a bit like being called an “Uncle Tom”.

But this isn’t how Rio Ferdinand, Anton’s brother and an international soccer play, sees it. He has 3 million followers on Twitter and when one of them tweeted to him, saying Cole had always been a choc ice, Rio responded saying, “Choc Ice – classic! Hahahaha!”

This has backfired spectacularly and he in turn is accused of being racist. He says angrily that choc ice is a slang term used to describe someone seen as a fake. Maybe, Rio, but thousands who have been called choc ice have spoken up and don’t agree. They say it’s a playground insult of the worst kind.

Ashley Cole has tried to calm the situation down, issuing a statement through lawyers saying he realises that things said in haste on Twitter often don’t come out right, and Rio Ferdinand is a friend of his.

Which seems very generous of him and it will be interesting to see how Rio responds. He has been taking a hard line against John Terry and supporting his brother.

After the game Terry and Anton Ferdinand had agreed the exchange was classic “handbags” – soccer slang for nothing serious. That’s the way it would have stayed but for some officious off-duty policeman who reported it and forced the issue into court.

Around $750K of tax payer money has been wasted on the trial, high profile players made to look stupid, and the game was dragged through the mud.

Naturally the tabloids will try to keep the story going. To use that word again - it’s classic!

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