Six Things We Can Learn From FIFA World Cup

Soccer or football is the hottest sport in June and July 2010. South Africa hosts The World Cup 2010. While we are watching each match and guessing which team will be the final champion, this world event actually can teach us many things. This article talks about six things that we can learn from World Cup.

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There is no denying that soccer or football is the hottest sport in June and July 2010. Soccer fan or not, people chat about World Cup 2010 that is hosted by South Africa. Not only entertaining by the exciting matches, but there are six things we can learn from this big world sport event.

1. Teamwork

Soccer is a sport with two teams playing against each another. Each team has 11 players in the field at the same time. Each player has his specific role and function. Teamwork is important. It pins a gifted player down, weakening his minacity. Famous players such as Messi (Argentine), Kaka (Brazil) could not perform their best because they were always the target rivals would like to freeze as much as possible.

2. Host Country

As usual, the host country has the attention of the whole world. We learn more about South Africa this time.

The audiences see the newly built football ground which cost a lot and on the contrary, they see the large population living in poverty. Poverty is always a big headache to a government and failure to settle it properly will arouse many social problems, such as crime. A lot of robberies were reported and the securities were in doubt before the match started.

The world also comes to know “vuvuzela” which is very popular among the locals. Like it or not, many Africans blow this special musical instrument during the matches.

3. Social function

Competitions are legal among countries in World cup. While the players are striving to have their best performance in the football field, the audiences keep cheering their teams on. The national spirits are soaring. World Cup not only draws people of the same nation closer to one another but also being used as a tool to enhance the diplomatic relations. We saw the German and the British presidents watching the match together. World Cup arouses high level of concerns and leads people into global harmony.

4. Soccer skill

World Cup attracts different levels of audiences simultaneously. The mass media take care of people who know nothing about soccer. Analyses on the goals are in unusual details. In Hong Kong, the most popular broadcasting station uses animation to explain.

Sometimes people learn soccer skill in an informal way. For example, “Volley” / “Kick” / “Bicycle Kick”/ “Save” / “Header” / “Strike” these skills are found on the Contour Glasses and the packaging.

5. Business opportunity

World Cup related commodities are in high demand. Beers and “vuvuzela” are in good sales. Barrooms with big television screens were crowded with customers.

If you have a high creativity, you may come up with unique product. FabianMoritz, aged 19, reproduced the match goals by using Lego man in his videos. His web site gained 340000 views on the first day. He was invited to work for TheGuardian and Bild since then.

6. Gamble

Some people earned big money; some suffered great loss due to World Cup. With so many elite in different teams, it is difficult to make a correct guess on the winner for each match; even so, many people gamble. Gamble is particularly severe during the World Cup. Many people gambled for their first time. Some gamblers know nothing about soccer at all, or they are just youngsters. Sometimes the stakes were so high people gambled away all the money, and some even their lives.

While enjoying each match, do not forget to take a look round. You will notice that World Cup is more than simply a sport event and we can learn a lot from it.


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